"If you want to WIN, do the ordinary things BETTER than anyone else, day in and day out."
Chuck Nolls,
Pittsburgh Steelers

We deliver a higher level of clean, with state-of-the-art cleaning processes which follow CDC and EPA guidelines.

We specialize in commercial janitorial cleaning, COVID-19 cleaning, construction site cleaning, residential cleaning, facility management and maintenance, high-elevation window and facade cleaning services.

Since cleaning is our only business, National Maintenance Group is focused on results.

Working directly with you, our senior management team formulates a comprehensive maintenance plan, customized cleaning schedule and convenient checklist, ensuring your directives are met at every level.  Our team is driven to providing the highest level of service at the best value.  Our mission is to present a safe, clean and pleasant environment to you, your management team, staff, visitors, or residents of your facility.

We are experts in COVID-19 cleaning.

Following CDC and EPA guidelines, National Maintenance Group specializes in COVID-19 cleaning. We service residential buildings, industrial/commercial structures, healthcare facilities, office towers and large civic projects. Whether sterilizing multi-level office…

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Cleaning is our business. We rely on an advanced system of protocols, providing a targeted approach toward every job to ensure that specifications and expectations are completely satisfied.

High-End Retail

Appearance is everything. Whether you manage a mega mall, shopping center, grocery chain, or box store, our highly trained staff will stop at nothing to provide the highest level of service.

Specialized Industrial Cleaning

When it comes to large-scale industrial cleaning, we provide a host of services, tailored to address specific equipment or site cleanup requirements.

COVID-19 Cleaning

Following CDC and EPA guidelines, National Maintenance Group specializes in COVID-19 cleaning, helping businesses meet today's health and safety challenges.

Electrostatic Sprayer Technology

National Maintenance Group is pleased to offer electrostatic sprayer technology as a superior and cost-effective disinfection and sanitizing protocol.

Construction Site Cleaning

National Maintenance Group has expertise in construction site cleaning that has proven essential to development firms, project management teams, engineers and crew leaders.

Window Cleaning

NMG window technicians have the right level of experience, state-of-the-art equipment and top-grade cleaning solutions to have your exterior windows looking their best.

High-Elevation Cleaning

National Maintenance Group has particular expertise when it comes to developing aerial cleaning and safety programs, based on an extensive history of service and experience.

Commercial Power Washing

Professional power washing is a proven, efficient cleaning service for both commercial and residential property owners and managers. NMG handles all building structures – concrete, steel, wood and brick.

Floor Maintenance

When it comes to dazzling guests and visitors, nothing is more impressive than perfectly polished floors. Our professional-grade floor maintenance technicians are fully trained to clean any type of flooring.

Facility Maintenance

With over 21 years experience, our facility management team ensures that your organization is able to provide a suitable and safe environment for staff, employees, visitors, clients and residents.


From coast to coast, National Maintenance Group has the experts, equipment and experience needed to meet the hygiene and maintenance standards of by your facility or construction location.


National Maintenance Group keeps you up to date on current cleaning protocols, products and procedures.

Why Electrostatic Spray Technology?

June 5, 2020 / By NMG Editorial Team

Large spaces present a number of challenges when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. For example, a typical school includes a cafeteria, gym, classrooms, computer labs, libraries, lockers and restrooms; each with its own set…

Corporate Cleaning Trends

June 2, 2020 / By NMG Editorial Team

In addition to routine cleaning and maintenance, corporations and human resource managers are looking at ways to encourage everyone to maintain cleaner work spaces. Here are some smart tips for introducing dedicated cleaning protocols. Establish…

Addressing COVID-19 concerns

May 29, 2020 / By NMG Editorial Team

Following CDC and EPA guidelines, National Maintenance Group’s top priority is to create a clean and healthy environment within your establishment or residential property. Working with our industry professionals and leading global experts, our management…

Workplace Safety Assurance

May 25, 2020 / By NMG Editorial Team

We take worksite and work safety very seriously. National Maintenance Group provides policies on insurance, bonding, CDC/EPA guidelines, workers compensation practices, workplace safety and more. We take all measures to ensure that all responsible partners,…

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