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June 5, 2020 / By NMG Editorial Team

Large spaces present a number of challenges when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. For example, a typical school includes a cafeteria, gym, classrooms, computer labs, libraries, lockers and restrooms; each with its own set of utility and equipment requirements. Often, there are various space and surface issues which make traditional cleaning extremely labor intensive and inefficient. Electrostatic spray technology has the ability to cover large areas in minutes, making it a viable solution to disinfecting, especially for those facilities with size and space considerations.

Electrostatic spray technology offers a new, efficient and faster method of cleaning and disinfecting. As disinfecting solutions are emitted from the sprayer, a charge is added to each droplet. When the technician aims the sprayer toward a surface for disinfection, droplets circulate through the air, seeking out environmental surfaces. Since they are charged, the droplets provide a uniform coating, eliminating the need to soak surfaces and avoiding the appearance of pooling. The charged solution wraps around objects, reaching all areas, including backsides and undersides; surfaces which may be difficult to clean manually.

Tailored to meet the needs of each facility, electrostatic spray technology may be used as a substitute for manual cleaning and disinfecting or as an additional step in augmentation of traditional cleaning. Either way, this technology adds a higher level of cleaning and disinfecting, providing a safer environment to even the most challenging spaces.

The main benefit of electrostatic spray technology is the ability to cover a multitude of surfaces in a fraction of the time, saving money while providing the level of disinfection needed to help prevent the spread of illness-causing pathogens.

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