National Maintenance Group utilizes electrostatic sprayers, providing revolutionary infection control programs over a wide range of industries.

Electrostatic sprayer technology brings infectious disease protection and sanitation control to a whole new level. This state-of-the-art system offers maximum flexibility, easily adapting to any environment. Ideal for gyms, hospitals, nursing homes and preschools, National Maintenance Group is pleased to offer electrostatic sprayer technology as a superior and cost-effective disinfection and sanitizing protocol.

Utilizing advanced science and technology, Protexus sprayers disperse cleaning solutions which are 99.999% effective against a full range of germs and pathogens. The electrostatic process atomizes the disinfecting solution with high-pressurized air.

Inside the nozzle, droplets of disinfection solution pass over an electrode, delivering a magnetically charged spray, offering 360° coverage to surrounding touch points and grounded room surfaces. Those charged droplets create a powerful plume that cleans around curves and hard-to-reach surfaces, magnetically drawn to any surface within six feet.

Offering quiet operation, ease of mobility and portability, National Maintenance Group’s electrostatic spraying technology is the ideal solution to today’s disinfecting and sanitizing challenges. Comparably, traditional cleaning products such as foggers, spray bottles, misting units and pump sprayers are ineffective, more costly, time intensive and wasteful. Take control of your disinfection and sanitation challenges. Let our team of highly-trained technicians recommend a routine electrostatic spraying program for your office, home or facility.

National Maintenance Group provides policies on insurance, bonding, CDC/EPA guidelines, workers compensation practices, workplace safety and more. We take all measures to ensure that all responsible partners, general contractors, project managers and property managers have undergone necessary training and are well informed in all aspects of COVID-19 safety protocols.

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