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June 2, 2020 / By NMG Editorial Team

In addition to routine cleaning and maintenance, corporations and human resource managers are looking at ways to encourage everyone to maintain cleaner work spaces. Here are some smart tips for introducing dedicated cleaning protocols.

Establish a routine clean-up program

Encourage HR to promote a memorable clean-up day, like the last Friday of the month. Staff will be excited to hear that the office will close down an hour early to allow for clean-up day. Provide staff with a handy checklist for wiping down surface areas, desks, equipment and common areas. Starting off the new month entering a sparkling office will give everyone a fresh and positive perspective.

Put cleaning supplies in the spotlight

Ensure that each department has a dedicated cleaning supply room or cabinet, available to those who need them. In common areas, such as kitchens, copy rooms and bathrooms, having cleaning supplies which are visible and convenient encourages staff to tidy up while attending those areas.

Assign responsibilities

For each office area, assign one person dedicated toward the responsibility of ensuring workspaces are tidy and free of clutter. Check surface areas and equipment, keeping them wiped down and clean.

Reward clean behavior

Contests are a great way to foster excitement and participation in the company’s cleaning program. Offer a free lunch, gift card or office plant to those employees who take extra measures toward cleanliness. In common areas, post photos of the winners showing off their attractive workspaces and encouraging others to follow example.

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